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BARUMUN INTERNATIONAL PATENT’s (BIP) depth and breadth of Indonesian legal experience and knowledge gives us the insight necessary to understand each client’s problems, ask the questions the client has not thought to ask and formulate appropriate solutions. Our expertise and judgement as legal practitioners plays a vital role in helping our clients minimise risk and achieve their business goals in a practical manner.

Utilising a significant network of contacts in government departments and agencies, and our extensive computerised data base of Indonesian laws, opinions, work products and trademark entries, we are able to advise clients on likely government policy positions when laws and regulations do not provide clear guidance.

In order to provide effective and comprehensive services to our clients, we maintain close relationships with major law firms in other jurisdictions.

Our priority is to provide the highest calibre legal services possible given the time requirements of our clients. We fully understand that either an incomplete answer rendered quickly or a perfect answer provided late may be of little use to our clients. We recognise that quality is an objective that must be pursued relentlessly.